Beer Here! Pre-Game Local Brew Tasting at Chef Joseph’s on January 24, 2012

Well, doing beer and pub food was a kick, tonight!  20 people made the bar feel full, but not over-crowded. Grant Curlow from World Class Beverages and Cari from Upland mixed and mingled with the group, giving them beer facts to mull over as they sipped and ate.

Local Beer Tasting at Chef Joseph's

Local Brews Enjoyed at Chef Joseph's.

The Flat 12 Glazed Ham Porter went great with the Schnitzel Sliders and the chocolate truffles.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

The pretzels with the red pepper jelly, jalapeno cheese dip, honey mustard and spicy mustard, along with the seafood cakes, went down easy with Gumballhead’s complexity.  With its hoppy aroma and notes of grapefruit, lemon zest and peach, it was a great palate cleanser.

Local Beer Tasting at Chef Joseph's

Guests sip local beers which Grant gives a little background on the brews.

We made some beer battered white cheddar nuggets that went well with the Barley Island IPA.  It was a great, well-balanced beer with mad body and a strong backbone.  Helped cleanse the palate with cheer.  Who needs sauce?  I’ll just have another nugget!

Upland’s Dragonfly is killer.  Just remember to drink this in moderation with its 9.1% alcohol content.  Have a sip and savor!  This IPA cranked up on malt and hops went well with the corndog-battered veal brats from Smoking Goose and some jalapeno mustard.

Triton Sin Bin Pale Ale is one of Indy’s newest dogs in town.  You have to go to them for this one, as they don’t sell it outside of their storefront.  Great pale ale.  Sophisticated and complex.  Was a great match for the corndog brats and cheese nuggets.  Now if you could only take food into their brew tasting room.

Local Beer Tasting at Chef Joseph's

Guests at Chef Joseph's Local Beer Tasting.

I had a great time.  Got to know a few folks a bit better who came in to relax a bit before heading to the Pacer’s game.  I definitely see more local beer tastings in our future, here.  Hope you’re able to join us for a little education and a lot of good food and drink!

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