The Connoisseur Room Stage

In its origins, a Cabaret was usually found in France below a building where the poor and undesirable would frequent to escape the realities of the outside world.  There was music, singing and dancing.  Additional artists came later, such as jugglers, raconteurs, singers with original music, actors, etc.

As Cabaret’s popularity grew it became a launching pad for unknown talent, allowing them to find an audience, and formerly renowned artists to regain their popularity.  It was a place where one would take a mistress, where deals were made and dignitaries would go to be entertained.  These establishments soon became high-end nightclubs with elegant decor, food and champagne, orchestras and for the enjoyment of the elite.  The caliber of talent became essential. The wealthy and the higher society were now being catered to.

Today, there are rooms all over the world for people who enjoy the closeness and intimacy of Cabaret.

In Indianapolis we are taking note from the traditions of cabaret with clubs such as The Cabaret at The Columbia Club and the city’s newest addition, Chef Joseph’s at The Connoisseur Room.

Chef Joseph’s is committed to bringing our guests local Indianapolis talent that they may not be exposed to elsewhere.  Our talented repertoire currently includes such amazing divas as the nationally renowned Brenda Williams, the always-vivacious Nancy Moore, the consummate entertainer Wendy Reed, the arresting Barbara Randall, the sought-after Keleen Strutz and Heather Ramsey.

In the next month, The Connoisseur Room stage will see the introduction of Jeff DeHerdt, D.A. Young, Roger Schmelzer and the album release party and Indianapolis premier of “Scaling Giants!”  Exciting things are happening, including more from our fan favorites at “An Innocent Band” and “Isis.”

One way we keep things fresh is by providing local talent with an “Open Mic” night on The Connoisseur Room stage.  This allows us to invite, review and discover new local talent to bring to our loyal patrons.

We feel very fortunate to be bringing a new concept for the arts to Indianapolis and are increasingly excited about the outpouring of support for what we are doing.  The cabaret entertainment model complements the elegant atmosphere and exciting food at Chef Joseph’s at The Connoisseur Room perfectly.

To see some of the performers who attended our last “Open Mic” night, click on some of the links below to watch their performances.  Make your reservation to join us for our next Open Mic Night on the April 20th, and keep an eye on the “Upcoming Events” section of our website for all of the musical happenings at Chef Joseph’s at The Connoisseur Room.   We look forward to entertaining you!

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