International Wine and Food Society

Chef Joseph’s at The Connoisseur Room had the pleasure of hosting the International Wine and Food Society’s most recent wine dinner, featuring some incredible wines from Spain. “Spain is near and dear to my heart,” said Chef Joseph Heidenreich, “so I was thrilled to create a dinner for the International Wine and Food Society built around some amazing wines from this part of the world. I have many friends in the village of Toro, which is known for its cured meat, wine and cheese. Cooking Spanish food with a twist is truly exciting and fun!”

The Chef Joseph’s staff worked tirelessly to get everything ready for such a pristine service – from set-up of the dining room, reviews of the menus, planning and preparation of the food, to the execution of the evening – the team came together for an amazing evening of wine and food.

Jeff Epler, one of the distinguished IWFS Dinner guests said, “The Connoisseur Room definitely speaks for itself! The service was excellent, food and wine pairings great, and the camaraderie priceless! Jiles Hoyt, a long-time IWFS member and fan of Chef Joseph’s monthly wine dinners came to the pre-tasting meal, at which the dishes were tasted and approved for the big night. The first course, a wonderful and light beet and tomato gazpacho, was a dish he just couldn’t get enough of. Not only did he come back the day after the pre-tasting event to buy a container of it to enjoy, he made sure that I made several extra servings so that he could come back to the restaurant several times the following week to have it for lunch!

Dan Weisman simply kept smiling at Chef Joseph, exclaiming that when he cooks for events such as this, his talent really shines through, while Mo Reis felt that the pairings were absolutely fantastic and Chuck Lindstrom was gushing over the lamb stew.

Chef Heidenreich was incredibly happy to see all of the hard work pay off, in the smiles on the faces around the room. “Working with great wines makes the food pairing process such a joy. Being able to sit and enjoy a meal and speak to a group of people who are genuinely interested in the wines and the pairing process was, in a word, awesome!”

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