Let’s talk about Fundraising

At Chef Joseph’s our love for service extends beyond the boundaries of The Connoisseur Room. When you love your city and your guests like we do, the love and concern extends outward into your community. We have a number of important organizations that we feel particularly attached to: The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association, Friends of Animal Care and Control, WFYI, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and well, the Arts in Indy in general.

When we work on events for these and other organizations, there are a few things that we find key to the success of the fundraising effort. Mind you, we are not in the business of raising a million dollars!

When you have an active Board and members are connected and concerned, it is easy for them to find10 sponsors for an event. Your fundraising goal determines your sponsorship level. The sponsors may receive advertisement on any promotional materials or press releases, they may also be linked to the event on the event website, and any additional event website that is created. They generally receive “tickets” to the event based upon the sponsorship cost, as well as an additional gift.

Board members should also sell a certain number of “tickets” based upon expected event attendance to the event at a predetermined price. Board members should obtain as many especially interesting silent auction items as possible with a minimum goal set for fund raising from auction sales and recruit a minimum of 4 volunteers that are not attending the event to assist with the management of the silent auction. Board members should also provide printing of all promotional items, including menus and additional items.

You will need a location, food, beverage and staff if you are going for a dining event. At Chef Joseph’s we take the additional steps of assisting in ticket sales for the event, linking and promoting the event on our website and through our social media and publication media contacts. We also assist in providing items for the silent auction, coordinating the auction, event and Board motivation and timelines.

If you can achieve these action items, you can achieve your goals in fundraising and do some real good works for a cause that matters to you. Take an active role in your community!

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